Friday, August 8, 2008

Fun gifts for less than 10 dollars

A few items from members of team SquidEtsy that cost less than 10 bucks and would make great little fun gifts to tuck in a stocking or attach to a birthday card.

Punkerkas's Rainbow Sassy Crochet Hat. Only 8 bucks for this fun wardrobe flair.

ArtforHair's Tiger Eye hair stick dangle. This lovely dangle can be attached to any of Art's interchangeable dangle hair sticks for a reasonable way to increase your "hairdrobe" (excuse my puns--I just can't help myself sometimes).

Melsdolls' Shoe Girl Charm Keychain. Only 3 bucks for the perfect playful gift to the shoe-aholic in your life.

PurrPrints Round cat magnets. At only 4 dollars a magnet, these colorful original cat drawings will perk up any kitty lover's kitchen art gallery (otherwise known as a fridge).


Nothinglikeit said...

love those purr print magnets!

MelsDolls said...

great picks!

thanks for showcasing my keychain :)

PurrPrints said...

thx nothinglikeit :)