Friday, July 25, 2008

Welcome to the Team SquidEtsy Blog!

Welcome to the SquidEtsians blog, and thank you for your visit! This blog is a group effort by members of Etsy's SquidEtsy Street Team.

Etsy is the premier online marketplace for handmade items. Thousands of artists and craftspeople have Etsy store fronts, and buyers can find everything from clothing to soap and jewelery to paintings, with the added bonus that everything has been hand-made by individuals and small businesses with care and attention to detail. Etsy sellers join groups called Street Teams, which unite crafters with a common interest. Members support each other in raising the profile of their individual Etsy shops and artistic endeavors. Team SquidEtsy is a group of Etsy artists and craftspeople who use Squidoo 'lenses' to promote their work. Squidoo is a site where anyone can create a page, known as a lens, about any subject they like. Other Squidoo members can leave comments and rate lenses, and lenses are ranked in Squidoo.

This blog will feature:
- profiles of team members and their work
- DIY instructions for various crafts
- details about new items in member's shops
- details of sales and special offers from member's shops
- selections of items suitable for occasions such as Christmas, birthdays, graduations etc

We're just getting started, check back soon!


Anonymous said...

I had to leave a comment just so I could be the first one to come in and mess up the place!
Nice job. :-)